LEAN und Six Sigma Kurrikulum




Lean ( history and development)

Transform your business with lean. the video-based training programme that teaches beginners in leans to guide you from novice to become a lean expert.

  • How to improve productivity in a process-oriented business?

  • What and how can you digitalize across your process house?

  • Do you feel sometimes wasting too many steps in running processes?

  • Do you want to know how to save costs in the complicated structure of your processes?

The Lean curriculum of courses will walk you through what you need to understand the quality management, proven step-by-step to boost your organisation with high standard tools in the real case study. Moreover, If you want to transform your company processes with online materials and 1-2-1 coaching. This course is for you, learning with professional in lean can bring benefits to you during the economic crisis. Attend Lean course now with Professional business consultant.

Target audience:

  • Aspiring professionals looking for acquiring in demands skills that help you land your dream job in the corporate sector.

  • Corporations that want to enhance their staff and prospective clients.

  • Ambitious and curious individuals who want to boost in demands skills or you have no knowledge of learning and want to switch your career to the world of operation management.

  • Industrial production companies, as well as banks, insurances, or other kinds of process, oriented businesses, especially the roles of Operations Managers, Production Planners, Technologists, or Consultants

What you get from it:

Participants develop a thorough understanding of what Lean is used for, an overview of many of the tools or methods useful to optimise processes. Successful participants of the full curriculum can get experts in maximising productivity and minimising cost, failures, or risks by lean processes.

Als erster Schritt die Methoden und Werkzeuge zur Prozessaufnahme